Yasukuni shrine

Yasukuni shrine is actually a war memorial shrine dedicated to people who have lost their lives while serving Japan.

I have visited here in the Spring and the cherry blossoms here are just breathtaking and as it’s near Kitanomaru park both located at Kundanshita station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line you can visit both at the same time. The park is vast and houses the Imperial Palace.

Cherry blossom season in Japan is truly magical and I always remember watching people on small boats on the water here.

I have also been here in the Summer when at the time on the third Sunday of every month they have an open air flea market . Well worth a visit I picked up a gorgeous Kimono here for only £10 along with other vintage items. (This may have changed to two Saturdays every month so check before going)

The main walk up to the Shrine has a enormous Tori gate called Daiichi Torii (Great gate) and is 25 meters high.

Can you see me ?

The Chrysanthemum featured on the door is an imperial symbol.

The shrine has various matsuri and I was just to late to visit the Mitama Festival (a must I think if your around Tokyo 13-18th of July) This is a mid-summer festival of spirits of ancestors and has a wall 40ft high decorated with 30,000 lanterns. I had just arrived in Tokyo on the last day of the matsuri I was disappointed I missed it.