One of my favourite places to visit in Tokyo is Yanaka

Old time Tokyo which is walkable from Ueno park through the Yanaka cemetery a must place to visit in cherry blossom season .

At the end you come to Tennoji Temple and it’s bronze Buddha .

There are over a hundred temples in the area Zensho-en temple has the brightest big golden Buddha.

It is one of the few places spared by the world war bombings so is truly a traditional part of Tokyo and you could even forget your even in Tokyo at all with its relaxed atmosphere.

Walking through the back streets of old town Yanaka you will find the last remaining section of a 37 meter long mud and brick wall built at the end of the Edo period so is around 200-250 years old. The wall used to divide different zones in the area.

Visiting Yanaka is a beautiful way to get lost in the every day life of people and cats !

Yanaka is known for its cats and for some reason they all seam to be about here and you will find many shops selling cat themed items.

You will find many shops on the main. Street known as Yanaka Ginza full of traditional crafts and tea shops. I find it’s a lovely place to pick up reasonably priced souvenirs.

At the bottom of Yanaka Ginza are more shops where people do their day to day shopping full of small business selling fresh fish and vegetables and is a wonderful place to pick up traditional Japanese sweets.

There are a few train stations in the area and what I would say is map out a route of things you want to see. If you just want to visit Yanaka Ginza catch the train to Nippori and get off at the west exit.

If you carry on left at the end of Yanaka Ginza you can take a walk to Nezu shrine one of Japan’s oldest shrines.  It has many Tori gates,pathways and a koi pond .

Or go right and take the train from a different station Nishi-Nippori.

Japan is truly an amazing and unforgettable place to visit at cherry blossom season and this area from visiting Ueno Park to the cemetery is a must at that time of year .  I always visit here even if just to pick up some gifts when I’m in Tokyo.