Uji & Byodin-in

Just over a 30 min train ride out of Kyoto takes you to the city of Uji.  Famous for its high quality tea production and Byodoin Temple which can be seen on the back of the 10 yen coin.

Walking down the 300 metre shopping street towards Byodoin known as Omotesando, there are many shops all selling tea and tea products like matcha flavour noodles or matcha ice cream . There was a wonderful shop grinding the tea leaves and the smell on a warm day followed you down the street.

Arriving at Byodoin it opens at 8.30 and costs ¥600 yen to enter.

The treasure house next door is a modern building filled with temple artefacts .

There are many other temples in the area Mampukuji,Ujigami Shrine,Mimurotoji and Koshoji.

Or just relax by the beautiful Uji river and take in the scenery or go on a river boat cruise for ¥2000.

The main bridge is one of the oldest in Japan there is a statue of the noblewomen there who wrote The tales of Genji about every day life in Kyoto in the Heian period.

This is a nice place to spend a day or half a day and buy some matcha to take home, I bought a lovely chawan with maple leaf print as we went in the Autumn time so thought it was a nice piece to remember my time there.