Ueno park

Ueno Park has so much there to see and do in its 300 acres, from the many museums to temples and shrines. 10 million people visit the park each year.

Ueno is a very popular spot for cherry blossom parties.  Crowds of people pick a spot, lay out their plastic cover and party with friends with a bento and a sake.

When I was there it was very cold but people sat outside to enjoy the blossom many making tables out of cardboard boxes so they could go in the big recycling bins provided after the event.

The parties go on well into the evening when the trees are all lit up.

The park has many museums The Tokyo National Museum, Museum of Western Art, Metropolitan Museum, Science Museum and National Museum of Nature and Science to name a few.

perfect spot for a selfie

The famous avenue of cherry blossom (Sakura)

Ueno also has a large natural pond called Shinobazu there are boats for rent and is partially covered by Lotus plants. Wonderful to see these bloom in the summer and watch the dragonflies dart around.

Ueno Park has many Temples and shrines including Kaneiji Temple,Kiyomizu Kannan Temple and Toshogu shrine with its over 50 large copper lanterns.

Ueno also had a giant bronze Buddha but all is left now is the head as the rest was melted down in World War Two.

As I have mentioned in previous pages Ueno is close to Ameyoko market and Yanaka two good places to go in the area.