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Green Coconut Curry With Yuzu Kosho

Using the Japanese paste Yuzu Kosho for this dish really gives it a spicy but citrus flavour.

Start by making the sauce. In a food processor blend half a can of coconut milk,200ml of vegetable stock, some chopped green chilli,a heaped teaspoon of kuzu kosho and some basil and coriander leaves.

Slice half an egg plant into rounds and cut into quarters and slice one large shiitake. Place on parchment paper and bake in the oven.

While they are baking sauté in some chilli oil half a finely chopped onion and some grated ginger when the onion is tender  add your sauce from the food processor. Reduce to thicken you can add a kuzu slurry or one teaspoon of kuzu root with one teaspoon of water mixed to a paste to make the sauce thicker.

Cut up what ever vegetables you want to use I used a variety of baby corn,red pepper,snap peas,bean sprouts,komatsuna and broccoli. Steam your veg until tender.

Add some cooked rice to a bowl and then add your sauce. Top with roasted and steamed vegetables.