Soy Mince

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Kabu Gyoza

I decided to make gyoza for lunar new year, but instead of using the normal gyoza wrappers I used slices of turnip.
You will need a medium sized peeled turnip or daikon radish thinly sliced into rounds.
Make your filling, I used soy mince the kind you reconstitute in hot water. I used around a cup of this in a bowl with a little hot water, do not add to much water or it will make it too wet.
Then add to a frying pan some thinly chopped veggies. I used a mix of hakusai  (Chinese cabbage), carrot and green onion, you could also add some diced shiitake. Just as a note I found slicing the carrot thinly into strips with a potato peeler then chopping it helps not to make the carrot to thick or it won’t cook properly. When the veggies are sautéed add this to your soy mince in the bowl.
Add a splash of tamari and mirin and a teaspoon of ginger juice. Then add a teaspoon of kuzu to a bowl and mix in a little water to make a slurry and add this to your mixture, this will help to thicken it. Add some salt and pepper and put everything back in your frying pan and sauté it all for a little while to thicken it and cook your filling.

Put your slices of Kabu or daikon into a steamer and steam until they are translucent.
Wipe some oil onto the surface of a frying pan with some kitchen towl.

Start to fill your Kabu wrappers, with your filling by putting the filling to one side and folding the other side over to make a half moon shape.

Keeping adding them to your frying pan until they are all done.

Fry on both sides until the Kabu is browned. If you want cook the filling a little more you can place them in the oven.

Now make a dipping sauce.

Add equal amounts of tamari (soy sauce), sesame oil and brown rice vinegar and a little ginger. Give it all a mix.

To serve you can sprinkle the gyoza with sesame seeds and a sprinkle of togarashi ( chilli spice ). You can also add some chilli threads and chopped green onion.

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Baked Tomatoes With Spicy Soy Mince

First slice the tops off your tomatoes then scoop out the insides.

I used Clearspring organic soy mince which is dry so you just add a little hot water to it and leave it to soak for 10 mins. While that’s soaking sauté some finely chopped onion and shiitake mushrooms in a little coconut butter then add your soy mince with a splash of vegan Worcestershire sauce and tamari. I like to spice mine up with some shichimi spice you could add chilli powder or cayenne pepper if you don’t have it.

Next fill your tomatoes with the mixture.

Top with panko bread crumbs and vegan cheese and bake in a hot oven until the tomatoes are soft and the cheese is melted.

Top with chopped basil

I served mine with a buckwheat pasta and salad

How will you serve yours?


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Taco Rice (Takoraisu)

Japanese/Mexican fusion Taco rice (takoraisu) A dish from Okinawa normally consisting of taco flavoured ground beef on a bed of rice with shredded lettuce tomato and cheese. It owes its existence to the military presence in Okinawa in the 1960’s. Now days it’s a firm Japanese favourite. I made this dish vegan by using @clearspringuk gluten free organic soy mince with chilli powder and tamari. I topped Japanese sticky rice with the mince and added mochi cheese and placed it under the grill. I then added salsa and coriander. I served this with a salad and miso dressing . ビーガン タコライス

To make taco rice 

add about one cup of dried soy mince to hot water and let soak for ten min.

finely chop half an onion and a few mushrooms of choice and sauté in a little coconut oil then add your soy mince . Add 1/2 teaspoon of chill powder and 1 tablespoon of tamari ( gluten free ) or soy sauce .

make some Japanese rice in your rice cooker and keep on warm 

make some mochi cheese ( see cheese on toast recipe ) or you can just use grated vegan cheese .

Shred some ice berg lettuce and make a simple salsa from

1 chopped tomato 

finely diced ( the other half of the onion) 

a little chopped green chilli and a squeeze of lime .

build your taco rice 

people build their taco rice in different ways this one was 

rice , shredded lettuce , mince,cheese ( you can then melt your cheese under the grill before adding your salsa. Then maybe top with a slice of tomato . 

You can also add a drizzle of vegan Mayo over your lettuce as your building your taco rice .

other people may put the cheese on the rice then mince then lettuce 

or mince lettuce cheese.

you decide .

serve with salad and maybe guacamole and some corn tortilla chips 




Shepherds Pie

I made a different kind of shepherds pie to day .
I used @clearspringuk soy mince and also mixed in some peas and carrots .
I had a bottom layer of gluten free pastry and topped it with the soy mince and then topped that with mashed potato. Then I folded the pastry around it galette style. I then popped it in oven . I served the shepherds pie with just some steamed broccoli with a miso dressing .

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Soboro Don

Soboro Don (Or three colour minced bowl ) ビーガン三色そぼろ丼

Don ( 丼 ) meaning a rice bowl dish or Doburi  this can be any meal that consists of rice in a bowl with a topping .

This Japanese dish is normally made with ground minced chicken and Egg on rice
I made  this dish vegan by using @clearspring organic soya mince marinated in ginger juice with tamari and mirin. I used a tofu scramble for the egg and topped it on Japanese rice. This dish often has another colour like peas or onion and you often find it as a popular bento . I decided to use some runner beans .
First thing is to wash and cook your Japanese rice then leave on warm in a rice cooker or pan with the lid on.

Next is to make all your separate things so you can put them all together .

Using Clearspring mince just use about half a cup full and cover with hot water and leave for ten mins to soak . Using a ginger grater extract about teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and add this to your mince, then add a teaspoon of tamari and a teaspoon of mirin. Add a little oil to a pan and sautéed this until slightly browned ( set aside )

To make your tofu just simply mash half a block of firm tofu with a quarter teaspoon of turmeric ( set  aside)

next steam some green beans .

Warm through your mince and tofu ( you can do this in the microwave if you wish ) take a bowl and half fill with rice then add your tofu,mince and green beans.  Finally add a sprinkle of sesame seeds and some chopped green onion and maybe some hijiki to garnish .

This dish can just as well be eaten cold in a bento for lunch .