Tokyo Pony Recipe card 2 Setsubun 節分

The second in the series of Tokyo Pony monthly recipe cards following the seasons and traditions of Japanese vegan food.


February Setsubun 節分 “The Begining Of Spring”

My second recipe card marks a very significant time of year, the transition from winter to spring with the first of the 24 micro seasons Risshun. The day before the beginning of spring is celebrated with Setsubun on the 3rd of February the name literally means ‘seasonal division’,
It is custom to eat a “Eho-Maki” 恵方巻, “lucky direction sushi roll” on this day.

In my next recipe card I talk about the customs of Setsubun and how to make your own lucky direction roll using sheets of special roasted nori I have imported in from Japan just for you.
This premium quality nori is harvested from the very first young plants in the Ariake sea Kyushu Fukuoka prefecture. Because the nori is harvested this way the nori has delicious flavour and softness. It is then roasted to a perfect texture that melts in the mouth. This particular nori was chosen for the chairman’s award top ten nori in Japan. In each pack you will receive 10 large sheets of roasted nori so you can perfect your sushi making technique. Not all sushi nori is the same.

Thank you so much for your orders !