Sky Tree

After visiting Japan in 2010 when the Tokyo Sky Tree was still being built

I decided to wait a few years and go back when the Sky tree had been completed. Visiting the Sky Tree is a must for anyone who has time in Tokyo it’s just an amazing experience!

As the Sky tree had only just opened at the time you had to get a timed ticket to go up. The day I had planned to go there it was a really rainy misty day so I decided to put it on hold and wait for better weather. The day arrived and it was a glorious sunny afternoon I got my ticket at 4 in the afternoon to my dismay my timed ticket wouldn’t let me go up until 7.30 at night! Not really what I had planned but going up at night seeing all of Tokyo’s lights was still a wonderful experience.

I’m sure now the wait time is not that bad.

Tokyo Sky Tree has so much to offer being part of the Solamachi shopping centre this place is full of gift shops,clothes shops and a wonderful food hall.

Get the Tobu Sky tree line from Asakusa to experience a chance of a lifetime.

What I would say is it’s definitely worth paying the extra to go up to the next level