Robot Restaurant

In the heart of Shinjuku’s entertainment district Kabukicho is an out of this world restaurant, Robot Restaurant Cabaret.

I booked my ticket with a tour company on line in advance before my trip to Japan .  I have used this company before called Viator

You do get a bento meal with your ticket price but it’s not vegan and to be honest I didn’t go there to have food it was to experience the surreal evening that was the robot restaurant.

You will kind of wonder at the end of it all what you have actually witnessed. A one hour show with that much going on you won’t know where to look. A show with drumming girls, flashing lights, robots and much more !

On arriving you walk down to your first experience like a holding bay before the show you are entertained with some very interesting characters. I was actually chosen to participate in the show which made the evening even more memorable .

You all get given light sticks to wave about and it’s so much fun

All in all you can not really explain what you have witnessed so all I can say is why not go and check out this place for yourself. It’s jaw dropping!