Nodoka Tea – Green Tea Powder (Organic)

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NODOKA – Orangic Powered Genmaicha
(Green Tea Power With Roasted Brown Rice)

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I wanted to introduce to you NODOKA a luxurious powder of rare new tea produced from pesticide-free organic farming.
From a tea plantation blessed with a natural environment located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 600 m in Shizuoka Prefecture.
NODOKA’s tea has both JAS (Japan) and USDA (USA) organic certifications.
NODOKA had made many trials and errors to create its own fine tea powder. Not only matcha but Hojicha and the more unusual and personal favourite Genmaicha powder. Which I am now stocking here in the U.K.
Now you can enjoy the original taste and nutritional components of naturally grown 100% tea leaves by using the whole ground tea and not just steeping the leaves in water.
The organic Genmaicha can not only be used for delicious lattes but is perfect for baked good and desserts too. How about adding it to jelly’s and cookies .
I hope you will enjoy this tea powder as much as I do . I tried them after I was sent it as a gift by a friend in japan. I was not approached by the tea company I approached them because I was so blown away with their tea and how good it was.
This tea is now available to buy in the U.K.
I organised with NODOKA to share their approach of bringing the ancient tradition of Japanese tea into a modern perspective and contemporary wellness spotlight from Japanese tea farmers direct to you.
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  1. Sharon

    To top the amazing service, the absolutely incredible quality of this product is what makes Nodoka one of my favourite brand for Matcha. Totally recommended!

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