Philosophers path and Silver pavilion

Philosophers Path or Tetsugaku no Michi is a canal path which is very popular during Hanami ( cherry blossom viewing season )

Following the path from Nanzenji to Ginkakuji ( Silver Pavillion) there are also many beautiful places to visit on the walk from shrines and temples to shops and cafes.

Nanzenji with its amazing aqueduct near by.

Then follow the walk from there visiting Eikan-do Temple with its lovely autumn colour,Otoyo-jinja,Anraku-ji,Honen-in and finally Ginkakuji.

The first time I walked the path I missed the Otoyo-jinja and made sure the second time not to miss it out. People pray here for health,long life and happiness, but the unusual thing is that the guardians of this shrine are mice!

Walking finally up to the Silver Pavilion you pass many tourist souvenir shops and places selling food.

The Zen Temple itself has an impressive dry sand garden and moss garden. The temple also has a circular walk that takes you round and up to a nice viewing point.

Apparently the silver Pavilion is called this because of the way the moon hits the building making it appear silver. Unlike the golden Pavilion which is actually gold !

Silver Pavilion