Mominoki House

On my very first ever trip to Japan back in 2010 I was only vegetarian and not vegan at that time. I also had not done any research of places to eat and knew very little Japanese ( bad move) . At that time it wasn’t as easy as it is now to find places to eat if your veggie.

After being very hungry a friend searched on the internet and recommended a restaurant to me Mominoki House.

Mominoki House is a macrobiotic restaurant so is not fully vegetarian/vegan however there are lots of options .

Menu items include

five kinds of veggie set,vegetable curry,tofu steak and lots of brown rice.

Mominoki is in Harajuku and is owned by chef Eichiro Yamada.

Eichiro is what makes this place special he opened here in 1976 making it the first natural food restaurant in Japan

Eichiro believes in serving clean healthy organic food . He also has a small shop.

Eichiro also now has published a book

A guide to macrobiotic

He also offers cooking classes

If your in Harajuku I would definitely recommend trying this nostalgic place out. Where Eichiro leads the rest have followed.