Minamoto Kitchoan Review

The taste of authentic Japanese Confectionery .

Just off Piccadilly Circus and now with a new shop on the Strand on London is a beautiful Japanese wagashi shop.

I love to go there when I’m in London it’s like walking back into a sweet shop in Japan. Everything is exquisitely packaged and displayed.

They always do seasonal sweets so in the summer they mainly do the Agar Jellies.

They have a few shops as well as the two in London they are in Tokyo,New York,San Francisco,Los Angeles and Singapore. Using unrefined sugar in their sweets and other ingredients like red beans,sweet potato and glutinous rice. Not all sweets are vegan as some have powdered milk and egg but they all have English ingredients labels so just check they are ok for you if your vegan.

The staff are friendly and I alway like to try out my Japanese when I go in. It adds to the Japanese experience I think.

Coming home you always feel you have bought a little treasure back with you as you unwrap it and have one with a nice green tea. This time I bought a Kogane Awase red been paste and thin crispy wafer and a Kingyo jelly .

Picadilly Store (Original shop)

The Strand (New Shop)