Micro Seasons Part 19 Ritto ( Begining Of Winter )

Ritto is the beginning of winter. We have already had what’s called daylight saving time in the UK, something that Japan doesn’t have. At this time we turn back our clocks and the evenings are even darker. It’s a time to draw within our selves a time of reflection. I think the final few months this year I am finding myself reflecting back over the past ten years as a decade draws to a close. Within this time I have found myself in Japan five times. Always fleeting holidays and always returning longing that my trip had not been so short. My last trip to Japan was last November / December and I was so surprised to see the camellia flowers blooming. This is our first micro season of this subdivision. November 7th-11th Tsubaki najimete hiraku ( camellias bloom).

Camellias have different varieties the first start to bloom now and the rest in Spring.

The next subdivision is November 12th-16th Chi hajimete karu ( land starts to freeze)

The last of this micro season subdivision is November 17th-21st Kinsenka saku ( daffodils bloom ) this is a strange one for me as living in the UK our daffodils bloom in March.

As the weather gets colder now, I think this is a good time to start making all those winter hot pot dishes. In Japan they are called Nabemono or simply nabe. Everything is cooked in one pot, which means all the flavour of the vegetables come through into the broth. It’s a staple Japanese winter food that is hot and comforting and easy to make. On the winter recipe section of this website I have recipes for such dishes ( just search Nabe ) there you will find perfect vegan one pot meals to make this season like this Damako nabe rice ball hot pot 
or why not try making your own Oden

Full of tasty ingredients like Mochi filled aburaage pouches known as kinchaku, succulent tofu, daikon and mushrooms, bamboo shoots or vegan sausage. Let’s kick start winter with a Japanese hot pot .