Micro Season Part 21 Taisetsu (Greater Snow)

As winter is well underway we can expect colder days

Greater Snow is the name for this micro season in Japan starting on the 7th-11th of December with Sora samuku fuyu to naru, meaning cold sets in winter begins.

12th-16th December Kuma ana ni komoru meaning, bears start hibernating in their dens.
I think we hibernate a little also. Staying in more on cold dark days.

17th-21st December Sake no uo muragaru, meaning, salmons gather and swim upstream.

Christmas is celebrated in Japan but not in a religious way. It’s a time for romance. It’s a time when people go on dates with loved ones. The twinkling lights and cosy atmosphere make it the perfect time for love.

This was taken at Yebisu Garden Place

I was in Japan Christmas 2018 and it was so magical. Beautifully decorated trees at every turn.

Japan have special winter illuminations and one of them is the Luminarie in Kobe running from around the 6th – 15th of December 2019. It is an annual event held in memory of the victims of the great Hanshin earthquake of 1995. I can’t tell you how spectacular the lights are and with music piped all around it was quite over whelming.
If your ever in the area around this time please go and see it .

Another light show that is worth seeing if your in Tokyo is at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. A magical show to music it runs for about 10 mins then starts again. I was quite impressed with the use of dry ice and bubble machines in the light show itself.

Caretta Shiodome winter illuminations run from 14th November-February 2020. In the middle of Caretta shopping mall. This years theme is Aladdin and last year it was Frozen.

Again very romantic for couples having their photos taken

Japan at Christmas is super cosy and it’s lovely to just relax in a cafe or bar in the evening after a day out.

Cafe Meu Nota in Koenji 100% vegan cafe

Another thing nice to do in the cold weather is relax at an onsen (Japanese hot spring). I visited one at the foot of Mt Fuji. This was an out doors onsen.

As for food at Christmas the most popular thing is Strawberry shortcake ( this is the Japanese take on Christmas cake ) and as strawberries are actually in season in the winter in Japan anything strawberry is very popular.

Strawberry trifle at Ts Tan Tan restaurant

The farmers market at UNU one of my favourite places to visit has seasonal vegetables and Christmas display items

 I especially liked these kokedama

I actually felt more Christmassy in Japan than I ever have back in the UK . It felt more about love and togetherness than the rushing around in packed shops trying to find gifts

The Tree at the station in Kyoto says it all

Merry Christmas everyone