Meiji Shrine

Walk round the corner from Harajuku station and you are met with a giant wooden Torii, this is the forest walk entrance to Meiji Jinju . A Shinto shrine in the heart of Tokyo. Walking to the shrine makes a relaxing walk . The area is covered by over 120,000 trees. And makes it a lovely get away from the bustle of Tokyo.

The shrine itself is dedicated to the spirits of the Emperor Meiji and his wife the first modern day emperor of Japan. This place is also next to Yoyogi Park a perfect place for Hanami picnics and is the site for the 1964 Olympic Games and soon to be used again in 2020.

After passing under the great  40ft high Torii entrance you are then in a sacred place. There are inner gardens and a treasure house you can visit for 500 yen each, but the main grounds and hall are free