Just over an hour on the train out of Tokyo is one of my most favourite places that can be easily reached for the day, this place is Kamakura.

Get the train to Kamakura then change on to the Enoshima electric railway for three stops to Hase. On another page on Enoshima  I talk about these lovely trains having wooden floors which is an experience in it’s self.

Getting off at Hase which is just a short walk from a lovely beach, you can go to the famous Daibutsu Buddha and Hase-dera.

The first time I came to Japan I did this tour with viator which was wonderful when you are a little daunted about travelling in Japan. Also they take you to a wonderful restaurant. I wish I could remember the name of it but the meal was wonderful. If anyone recognises it please let me know.

They take you on a whole day tour of the area and the guide is very informative. Now I would have no problems going here on my own but I definitely recommend it for the new japan traveler.

Walking up the Main Street full of lovely little shops and restaurants.

The first place I visited was Hase-dera. A Buddhist temple built on two levels with an underground cave.

If your lucky to be there in June it has wonderful Hydrangeas.

It also has hundreds of Jizo statues, these are placed by parents mourning children.

The main gate

Bamboo grove and gardens

Climbing up, there are beautiful views of Sagami Bayou

Next The great Buddha (Daibutsu)

A bronze statue of Amida Buddha with a height of 13.35 meters. This is housed in the Kotokuin temple and is a famous icon of Japan. The statue is hollow and you can go inside

After having lunch and a visit to the beach

it’s back to the main Kamakura station to visit Hachiman-gu .  It is the cultural centre of the city having a 1.8 km approach through many Torii gates and two beautiful ponds and a stone stairway leading to the top.

After visiting here I spent time down my favourite shopping street .

beautiful shop windows inside and out