Halloween in Tokyo

Halloween in Tokyo, done the way the Japanese know best, full of CosPlay!
Going to Tokyo for Halloween might not be something you would think of doing but it’s truly an experience. The whole of Shibuya is completely closed off and not just for one night, oh no to my surprise as Halloween was a Monday when I was there and it ran over a four day event, no day less than the next. The amount of effort and time that went into some of the costumes I saw was unbelievable from zombies to friends dressing up like Disney princesses. As Suicide squad was a popular film that year you saw many jokers and Harley Quinn’s. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the crowds of people (80,000+) that come out to celebrate Halloween at Shibuya. Everything is all fun and I didn’t ever feel threatened by the vast crowds,  Japan is a place that I feel totally safe. The festivities start from early evening and go on well into late evening . It was great to watch all the people having lots of fun groups of friends all dressing up as the same characters like where’s wally and Super Mario.

Japan to my surprise loves to celebrate Halloween, everywhere is decked in pumpkins and if you want to pick up some nice gifts or even have your face painted like a Zombie I would recommend Loft a large department store in Shibuya .

The farmers market at UNU in Aoyama which is open on a Saturday and Sunday is a nice place to visit for local produce .

odaiba and Tokyo sky tree are both decorated to celebrate Halloween with light shows.

On the Sunday near Halloween they close the Main Street at Omotesando for a children’s Halloween parade.

I did find it funny that no sooner had the 31st of October gone, over night everything turned to Christmas.