Enoshima and the Shonan Monorail

On the 3rd Monday in July is a Japanese national holiday called Marine Day. The purpose of this day is to give thanks to the ocean. I thought it was a fitting time for a beach trip like a lot of other Japanese people that day I decided to take a trip to Enoshima island, a small island off the Shonan coast of Kanazawa prefecture.

Taking the jr  Shonan line to Ofuna I decided to broaden my travel experience by getting the 14 min safege, a suspended monorail the first of its kind in Japan . It truly is well worth doing .

On a arriving there is a short walk to the Enoshima bridge. A 600 metres span connecting Enoshima with the mainland. It was a beautiful hot summers day and the walk across the bridge is pleasant due to it having a separate pedestrian walkway.

On arriving you can see the Enoshima day spa a large onsen resort .

The island is known for the shrine dedicated to the Godess Benzaiten honouring music and poetry. It is said the goddess created Enoshima with its Iwaya caves to imprison a sea dragon . Which you can visit.

Taking the climb up to the Sea Candle light house/mobile phone tower, it stands 60 metres tall and is a popular place for views of Mount Fuji.

Walking round the southern jagged cliffs I decided to take a small boat ride back to the main land to witness the Shonan Beach parties .

Many many young people had gathered on the beach today to have fun in the sun to celebrate Marine day.

Taking the Enoden line which runs along the coast line appearing in many tv drama and anime it is an enjoyable and nostalgic ride. The cars have a very vintage feel with bare wooden floors and some of the journey goes away from the coast line and really close to people’s homes and gardens.

I decided to go for a spot of shopping in Kamakura for the afternoon. Full of wonderful traditional shops selling basketware, washi paper and lots of food stalls selling wagashi and my favourite dango!