Disney & Disney sea

I have been to both Disney and Disney Sea on my visits to Japan . You can have a wonderful time here and I really enjoyed seeing everyone dress up .

Groups of girls (and boys) or girlfriend and boyfriend wearing the same matching outfits it’s just so かわいい!

Getting a ticket is easy, I found the best thing is just to go to the Disney store in Shibuya and buy your tickets in advance no mess no fuss then you just walk in on the day .

You can fill your days easily and I would suggest going to Disney Sea in the summer where you will make the most of all the water sprayed at you. It’s all fun!

The gift shops are amazing and everyone really goes to town buying Disney items to wear.

There are quite a few parades during the day and then a main daytime parade and a night time show. both at Disney and Disney Sea


Disney Sea

Not much in the way of vegan food so I took food with me and as Ts Tan Tan is on the way out of Tokyo station when you get back from Disney I would recommend stopping off there after a hard day of walking and amusements .