Deva Deva Cafe (Tokyo)

A vegan cafe in kichijoji

This area is well worth a visit, not only does it have interesting individual shops to spend an afternoon wondering around but it has the gorgeous inokashira park where you can spending time walking or maybe hire a swan boat . How about spending the morning at near by mitaka and visit the famous Ghibli museum then walk through inokashira if it’s cherry blossom season it’s a favourite spot for hanami .

Then lunch at Deva Deva cafe

I had to try their famous yogi burger which is a bean burger combined with ten different herbs and spices . I had this with some chunky potato wedges and my husband had a pizza.

They also had some home made muffins which I picked up for our over night coach ride to Kyoto .

Mitaka and kichijoji are easily reached from Shinjuku on the Chou main line .


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