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White Day Tofu Pudding Dessert Pots

It’s time for Gyaku chocolate 
逆チョコwhich  means “reverse chocolate”.  If you read my Valentine Post you would know all about the different kinds of chocolate given by women on Valentines Day. One month later on March 14th is what’s known in Japan as “White Day”.

White Day is a specific Japanese concept, claimed to be invented by a Fukuoka based candy company Ishimura Manseido in 1976 for men to give something white back to the women who gifted them chocolate on Valentines Day. The owner got the idea when he read a letter in a women’s magazine where a reader pointed out the fact Japan has a custom of something called “okaeshi” or returned gift. At first the day was called “Marshmallow Day” as they created a new sweet with marshmallow paste stuffed chocolate for the occasion. Eventually the name was changed to White Day to be less restrictive but still referencing the fluffy marshmallows. By the 1980’s White Day had taken popularity all over Japan. Much like on Valentines Day the gifts are categorised depending on the romantic partner or returning gifter. Traditionally the gifts should be white maybe a gift of cookies or candy  or other white items.

Lately pudding has appeared to be the next must get item so with this in mind I decided to make these tofu vanilla and chocolate dessert pots with a popular Valentine fruit of the season strawberries. These I think would make the perfect finish to a romantic meal as they are light and not too filling.

White Day Tofu Pudding Pots 

Mousse Ingredients:
x2 250g packs of “Soft Shizenno Megumi Tofu”

x2 tablespoons of lemon juice

x1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

x2 tablespoons of vegan honey or maple syrup

x2 tablespoons of melted flavourless coconut butter

1/3 cup of soy milk

pinch of salt

Other ingredients:

1/3 cup of sifted cacao powder

Fresh strawberries & grated vegan chocolate to serve.

You will also need some small glass cups or pots to display the mousse


Drain the tofu from the packaging and add to a blender. To that add all the mousse ingredients and blend until thick and creamy. Pour half the mousse into a bowl and set aside. To the remaining mousse add to the blender the cacao powder and blend again until combined.

Wash, pat dry and slice your strawberry relatively thinly and place them on the sides of your glass pots. Fill the pots with the vanilla tofu mousse and then top with the chocolate tofu mousse. Finish with some more strawberries and grated chocolate then put them in the fridge for at least a few hours to set.

These pudding pots are great any time of the day for a delicious treat or are perfect to serve at the end of a meal.