Tokyo Pony Recipe card 1

I’m so excited to introduce to you the first in a monthly series of Tokyo Pony Recipe Cards following the seasons and traditions of Japanese VEGAN food.


January Nanakusa Gayu 七草粥 

This recipe card marks the first of the five main festivals in japan. Each recipe card comes with an authentic Japanese ingredient to help you make each recipe.

This month  it is for making Nanakusa Gayu 

You will receive one recipe card with a pack containing two sachets of the very special organically grown Japanese herbs from the Kodama Ikiiki Farm in the country side of Fukuyama,so you can make this Japanese comforting meal yourself. These herbs are super hard to get out side of Japan.

On the 7th of January in japan (jinjitsu) marks the end of the Oshougatsu (Japanese New Years) . This day is known as nanakusa no sekku (七草の節句), or the Festival of the Seven Weeds . It is custom to make a seven herb rice porridge Nanakusa Gayu 七草粥 to help heal the stomach after the New Year festivities.

I hope you will enjoy collecting these recipe cards and making Japanese seasonal foods along with me. In time you will build up a collection of your very own to refer to like a cookery book. I will be introducing ingredients to you each month from growers and producers in Japan.

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Every month I will be launching them with a new recipe and ingredient, so as not to miss out I will be showcasing the recipe card to the blog each month, so please subscribe to the blog to be notified.

U.K. and Europe only due to posting 

Thank you so much for your orders !