Vegan Leather Bag


My New Vegan @gastonluga rucksack is perfect for me when I take it on my travels to Japan . I need something that’s easy to carry but I can put all the things in that I collect while I’m wondering around super markets picking up food for new vegan recipe creations or walking round craft or flea markets where you never know what you might find as your next souvenir or gift. Plus I still have room for essentials like my travel mug and fan in the summer.

I have teamed up with Gaston Luga  in Stockholm to offer you a unique offer code so you can purchase your very own vegan leather bag. All you have to do is simply visit or use the link at the bottom of the page
and after you have decided which of the lovely bags to choose from just type in tokyopony15 to give you 15% discount on your purchase.
Where will your next travel adventure be ?