Happy Valentines Day

I used my ginkgo cookie recipe, replaced the turmeric and added cacao powder to make these chocolate heart cookies and half dipped them in chocolate and scattered them with freeze dried raspberries. 

I then served them with my tofu mousse mixed with strawberries.

Will you be giving a valentine treat to someone today ? In Japan it’s just the men that get the gifts off the women and it’s not just loved ones that are given gifts it’s co workers, school and college friends teachers you name it ! It can be quite a big task giving gifts to all your male friends . I like to watch a programme on NHK called Home Sweet Tokyo

One of the programmes was where the little girl of the family was making bags of chocolates to take to all her male friends at school but she also included a bag for herself (I like that idea ) so even if your not buying a gift for anyone this valentines why not buy a gift for yourself today you deserve a bit of self love ? ?.