Sunday the 23rd of September this year is the Autumn Equinox marking the first day of Autumn. In Buddhist tradition it is known as O-higan,in the spring it is known as haru no higan. This is an autumn wagashi known as Ohagi  おはぎ named after the Japanese clover bush. In the spring the same sweets are called Botamochi named after the tree peony botan. It is traditional to take these with flowers and incense to the graves of ancestors at this time. Why not try to make these yummy sweets for yourself they are made with sweet mochi rice and are filled with  tsubuan a chunky bean paste or you can use koshian a smooth bean paste . They are rolled in kinako and ground black sesame or matcha .

Just search botamochi or Ohagi for the recipe . They do not keep well so need to be eaten on the day so either half the ingredients or you can freeze them and thaw out as needed. Enjoy with a nice green tea.