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“Tomato no Ohitashi“ トマトお浸し

“Tomato no Ohitashi“ トマトお浸し
Ohitashi is blanched vegetables seasoned with dashi/ broth soy sauce and mirin. お浸し(ohitashi) means soaking. The vegetables are soaked in the sauce and is usually served as a refreshing side accompaniment to a meal. Perfect in the summer. This one is topped with grated daikon radish known as oroshi.
First score a cross shape in the bottom of a large not too over ripe tomato.

Then add into boiling water until you can see the skin start to come away .

Then drop your tomato into iced water,take out of the water and peel away the skin.

Place your tomato in a shallow small dish . Make a dressing of x1 teaspoon of tamari,Mirin,Yuzu juice . Grate some daikon radish with a Japanese ceramic ginger grater ( this is called a Kyocera ) the juice will collect around the grated daikon pour this into your dressing.

Pour your dressing over the tomato and top with the grated daikon,a few sesame seeds and chopped green onion and chill well in the fridge.

Perfect to add to your teishoku set meal .