Teishoku 定食 (Japanese set meal)

Teishoku 定食 means Japanese set meal. It is one of the most popular ways food is served at cafes in Japan. Typically including a main course,a bowl of rice,side dishes  (sozai) like vegetables,salad or pickles (tsukemono) and a bowl of soup. Often presented in lots of individual small bowls.

As you probabley know from my Instagram posts a lot of my food is presented in the teishoku style and people often ask me where I get all my bowls and plates from. One of them is kappabashi in tokyo ( see post on kappabashi). I also collect lots of pottery on my travels around japan.

If you are not lucky enough to be in japan or visit why not check out Neko box a link is at the side of my page or at the bottom depending on what your using to view the site. They have a wonderful selection of Japanese ceramics and home wares that are very reasonable and you can order them to be sent direct to you where ever you live.

So you to can recreate that Teishoku style meal at home.

Here is some inspiration for you but for more be sure to check out my Instagram pages.