Osechi Ryori Jubako

Although sadly I do not live in japan or have access to some Japanese produce I alway like to try and celebrate the new year Japanese style.
This year I bought myself a jubako layered bento box.
Tiered bento are used as part of the Japanese New Years food and the bento signifies the piling up of prosperity.

There are lots of foods that have meanings and are put in these boxes however some are not vegan. I set out to make as much of a traditional Osechi Ryori as I could using vegan options.
For my bento I made Onishime or simmered vegetables shiitake,snowpeas,taro,daikon,freeze dried tofu ( Kouya Dofu ) and lotus root. The lotus root is very significant as it represents a happy future with out obstacles.

I also made kinpira gobo. Gobo is burdock root and is said to symbolise strength and stability. Kinpira gobo is burdock root and carrot sautéed in toasted sesame oil then simmered down in mirin sugar and tamari.
Also there were Kuro-mame sweet black beans to protect from evil and bring good health.
Along with these were sekihan onigiri rice balls which is traditional at this time.
I also made mini sushi called Hosomaki
A long side my jubako I had a clear Kanto style Ozoni mochi soup.

For dessert I went for tofo Mitarashi Dango ( one of my particular favourites ) warm balls of tofu Dango grilled and covered in a sweet sticky soy sauce.
Other desserts you could try would be zenzai a sweet red bean soup with mochi or strawberry daifuku or Yokan ( bean jelly cake )

I made  Onishime again simmered vegetables and tofu along with Inari Sushi pickles,hiyayakko and a sweet pumpkin dessert.