Three Healthy Japanese Drinks To Help Keep You Cool

Three healthy Japanese summer time drinks to help you keep your cool.
If any of you live in Japan or have been to Japan in the summer then you know how hot and humid it can get. Here are a few drinks to help you chill in hot weather.

The first is Soba Cha
By infusing roasted buckwheat kernels in hot water you can make a delicious gluten free and caffeine free drink which is refreshing also chilled.
There are a number of health benefits that go with drinking Soba Cha from improved blood flow ( which could help with varicose veins) to helping reduce blood sugar and treating diabetes. It is said to help improve your immune system and an aid in weight loss. I think this has to be one of my favourites all you need is to steep one teaspoon of kernels to one mug of water and drink hot or chill for a nice refreshing summer drink over ice.

The next is Mugi-Cha or toasted barley tea
This is only a caffeine free drink so if your sensitive to gluten it’s better to stick to the Soba Cha or Matcha.
This is another very popular drink in the summer in Japan. And you can often find it amongst the chilled green teas in bottles in the vending machines all over Japan for a quick rehydrating drink in the hot humid Japanese summers.
It is just as nice to have a jug of ice cold Mugi Cha in the fridge at home to have if the weather gets warm. You can buy Mugi Cha in different ways but the most convenient for making it yourself is with tea bags. You can either use hot water and one tea bag steeped in a jug of water and let it go cold before putting it in the fridge ( I find this makes a stronger tea so you can dilute to taste ) or just cold brew one teabag in a jug of cold water in the fridge . When your ready just add ice.
This tea has been said to reduce stress, it also has antibacterial properties and is good for helping fight tooth cavities. Like the Soba Cha it’s good for cholesterol and also helps with aiding digestion.

Did you know that matcha is Japan’s superfood?
The ceremonial one is the finest vibrant green and is not bitter and has a smooth taste. I like to buy organic and the finest young tea buds are picked then dried and ground in a granite mortar into a very fine powder. Having a matcha powder you are having the whole leaf so is much more concentrated where as in other teas you brew the leaf and then disgard. To enjoy an ice cold matcha simply put a teaspoon of sifted matcha into a lidded container and add cold water with ice, put your lid on and give it a good shake. I’ve spoken many times on my Instagram account about the benefits of matcha with it being high in antioxidants and flavanols which are thought to protect the immune system and brain. Matcha is also high in theanine an amino acid which can have a calming effect and help with focus and concentration. No wonder the Buddhist monks in Japan like to drink it