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Japanese Style Summer Fruit Sandwich

In Japan in the summer time sweet tea sandwiches or (Furutsu Sando)フルーツサンド are very popular. These are made with a heavy whipped cream and a selection of fruit and a soft white special bread called shokupan. Shokupan is made with powdered milk and butter so being vegan in Japan this is not a good option what with the whipped cream and the buttery bread. So I have tried a few times to recreate these using vegan alternatives. I had tried using a vegan cream cheese and although it was good it just didn’t seam quite right. Most coconut yogurts are still quite runny but I have found a thick one that I thought would work and it worked a treat!
So using vegan bread and co-yo and a selection of strawberry,mango and kiwi I made a Japanese style fruit sandwich which I think can not only be enjoyed in the afternoon but would make a special breakfast alternative. Perhaps if you have guests over.
I recommend blotting the fruit so there is no juice to make the bread go soggy.
You will need two small cartons of co-yo for this. Spread the co-yo on both slices of bread nice and thick then arrange your fruit. Cover the fruit with more co-yo and put the top on the bread and press down gently. I then put my in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for 15mins so your bread is not frozen but very well chilled. Then take out of the freezer and out of the plastic wrap and cut off the crusts with a sharp knife,then slice your bread diagonally into two triangles and then again into two more triangles. Look how pretty the fruit looks.
If you want to make these the night before just leave the bread wrapped in plastic wrap in the fridge instead and they are still perfect the next morning.
I actually took mine to work for a breakfast bento.
They are delicious at any time of day.