Summer Food

Matcha Smoothie & Granola Bowl

We all know by now that matcha is finely ground whole tea so you are getting all the natural compounds associated with it. From flavanols thought to protect the immune system to the amino acids that have a relaxing and calming effect on the mind and help aid concentration.
So there is no better way to kick start your morning than with a dose of a whole leaf matcha tea smoothie and matcha granola.
I particularly think this is a nice one to make on a weekend to help you unwind after the week.
First let’s make that crunchy chewy granola .
All you need is a cup of oats (I like to use raw gluten free sprouted oats by rude health organic) Add the oats to a bowl.
Then you will need a tablespoon of melted coconut butter (I use Tiana organic) sift a teaspoon of matcha or a Clearspring matcha shot into a small bowl and pour in your melted butter and give it a good stir.
Add this to your oats and stir it in. Then I like to add a few pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds chia seeds and flax seeds but you can use what ever you have.
Give that a stir and then add a little sweetener if you like around a teaspoon of maple or rice syrup.
At this point I turn the oats and seed matcha mixture out onto some parchment paper and bake for ten mins in a moderate oven keep and eye on it you don’t want it to burn. This is why I like to add my nuts and dried fruit after. When your matcha oats are golden you can now tip it into a bowl and add the rest of your ingredients. I added some broken pecan and walnuts a few goji and dried cranberries berries and some flaked almonds to mine but feel free to use what ever you like.
Give it a good stir and your granola is done.
Now for your creamy smoothie.
I always try to think ahead so if I’m thinking of having this on a Sunday morning then I would freeze two sliced banana the night before. I always slice mine and lay them out flat on parchment paper wrap them up and freeze them that way they do not stick together and they are easily blended (my food processor is a pretty cheap one so not very powerful)
Blend up your banana until it resembles crumbs then sift in one heap teaspoon of matcha put your lid back on and give it a few pulses. Then add some plant based milk,for my smoothies I always like fresh organic almond milk but you can use soy if you wish. Add around 1/2 a cup and keep pulsing stopping to scrape the bottom and sides then give it a good final blend so it’s all creamy. Tip out into a bowl add your granola and some fruit topping and enjoy the wellbeing of matcha.