Summer Food

Matcha chia pudding

A really filling breakfast is chia pudding made from chia seeds . Chia seeds aid digestion and are high in omega- 3 essential fats. They are also high in fiber so help keep you full until lunch. Because of this they help to balance insulin levels. When you add liquid to chia seeds they become a gel. All you will need to make chia pudding is two tablespoon of chia seeds mixed with one seaspoon of sifted matcha powder and one cup of plant based milk. Add this to a jar and put on the lid and give it a good shake making sure all the chia seeds are not stuck to the bottom of the jar. You can also add a little sweetener if you wish like maple syrup or rice syrup. Put your jar in the fridge and check it after half an hour giving it another shake. I now leave the jar over night so it will be ready for breakfast the next morning.

In the morning spoon out your chia pudding and add to it what you like. To mine I made a parfait with organic soy yogurt and you could add fruit or granola if you wish .