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Spaghetti Naporitan (Napolitan)

After reading in the Japan Times about how this dish was created by chef Shigetada Irie of the Grand Hotel Yokohama inspired by food served post war around the 1950’s for the American military.

Naporitan is very popular in Japanese cafe restaurants consisting of a tomato ketchup base sauce. Ketchup was a high quality condiment in Japan well into the 1960’s never being thought of as down market like in the west.

It is not a vegan dish as mixed into the spaghetti and sauce are green peppers,onion,wiener type sausages, bacon and Tabasco.

Now I could of used just some vegan tofu wieners but instead I rubbed some baby carrots with a little coconut butter and smoked paprika and roasted them in the oven to make a different take on a sausage.

Sauté some sliced onion and green pepper and drain your spaghetti.

Slice up your carrot sausage and mix in to your spaghetti some tomato ketchup as much as you would like for your sauce you can also add a splash of vegan Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco. Then add your carrot sausage onion and pepper and mix in .

If you like add some fresh black pepper torn basil leaves and vegan Parmesan ( or make your own by adding hemp hearts and nutritional yeast to a food processor)

Its a Japanese / Italian fusion dish made vegan