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Tofu chocolate pudding

A rich decadent dessert that works well with fruit or soy yogurt for a final touch to any meal .

In a food processor add half a block of silken tofu

two tablespoons of maple or rice syrup

two tablespoons of melted coconut butter

( at this point you can then decide on your flavour either add one heaped tablespoon of raw cacao powder or two teaspoons of sifted matcha for a matcha dessert)

you could also add a flavour if you wish how about orange essence or mint to your chocolate or yuzu citrus to your matcha .

you can use this basic recipe to create your own flavour

For this one I just went for raw cacao powder .

mix it all well in the food processor stopping a few times to scrape the sides .

This makes two puddings . Pour into your chosen bowl and leave to set over night .

top with maybe matcha ice cream azuki beans soy yogurt and yokan

(bean cake ) like this one .

you could maybe layer your dessert with fruit at the bottom .