Vegan Yakitori

Down many backstreets and alleyways in Japan you can find small bars called izakaya.  Some only fit a few people inside.  There people can enjoy a beer or sake maybe after work and to accompany that maybe a yakitori ( a Japanese finger food ) made with skewered grill chicken on a type of BBQ grill with a tare ( sweet soy sauce glaze )

I remember walking down one such place in Shinjuku Tokyo “Omoide Yokocho”.  I remember the smoke from all the charcoal burners almost choking me as everyone in each small izakaya was cooking yakitori at the same time.

I decided to give this dish a go my self making it vegan and using king mushrooms instead of chicken.  I skewered alternate leek,mushrooms and green peppers and glazed them with a sweet tamari sauce before cooking them on a charcoal BBQ. I thought it nice to have some kind of dip with them so I chose a sweet and sour chilli dip to accompany them and if you choose an ice cold beer.