Creamy matcha latte

My morning matcha latte is like a mini morning ritual.
Opening the can of matcha the smell transports my mind back to the streets of Uji . The grinding of the tea and the smell of matcha in the air.
The sifting of the tea and whisking is almost like meditation.
A calmness .
Matcha is said to bring calm to the mind.

To make a matcha latte all you will need is

1/2 teaspoon of sifted good quality ceremonial grade matcha

half a cup of water at 70 degrees ( not boiling )

half a cup of plant milk of choice ( I normally use soy milk)

sweetner if desired ( maple syrup, rice syrup etc )

you will also need a whisk ( traditionally a bamboo whisk is used but for just making your morning matcha a battery operated hand milk frothier will do just as well )

First warm your plant based milk .

Sift  you matcha through a sieve into your cup and add half a cup of water add sweetener ( if any ) and whisk well .

whisk your milk and pour into your cup slowly adding froth at the end ( a bit more like a matcha cappuccino really ).

Maybe add a little sifted matcha on top .

sit back relax and enjoy