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Taco Rice (Takoraisu)

Japanese/Mexican fusion Taco rice (takoraisu) A dish from Okinawa normally consisting of taco flavoured ground beef on a bed of rice with shredded lettuce tomato and cheese. It owes its existence to the military presence in Okinawa in the 1960’s. Now days it’s a firm Japanese favourite. I made this dish vegan by using @clearspringuk gluten free organic soy mince with chilli powder and tamari. I topped Japanese sticky rice with the mince and added mochi cheese and placed it under the grill. I then added salsa and coriander. I served this with a salad and miso dressing . ビーガン タコライス

To make taco rice 

add about one cup of dried soy mince to hot water and let soak for ten min.

finely chop half an onion and a few mushrooms of choice and sauté in a little coconut oil then add your soy mince . Add 1/2 teaspoon of chill powder and 1 tablespoon of tamari ( gluten free ) or soy sauce .

make some Japanese rice in your rice cooker and keep on warm 

make some mochi cheese ( see cheese on toast recipe ) or you can just use grated vegan cheese .

Shred some ice berg lettuce and make a simple salsa from

1 chopped tomato 

finely diced ( the other half of the onion) 

a little chopped green chilli and a squeeze of lime .

build your taco rice 

people build their taco rice in different ways this one was 

rice , shredded lettuce , mince,cheese ( you can then melt your cheese under the grill before adding your salsa. Then maybe top with a slice of tomato . 

You can also add a drizzle of vegan Mayo over your lettuce as your building your taco rice .

other people may put the cheese on the rice then mince then lettuce 

or mince lettuce cheese.

you decide .

serve with salad and maybe guacamole and some corn tortilla chips