Hina-Matsuri Donuts

In Japan it is already March! ?
On the 3rd of March in Japan is the Festival called Hina-matsuri ?also called ( girls day or dolls day)
Parents celebrate their daughters happiness and good health.
It is traditional to display ceremonial dolls. Sometimes the dolls are past down for generations.
There are a lot of special foods associated with Hina-matsuri, so over the next three days I will be showing you some of my special foods to celebrate.
Everyone is making pancakes to day in the UK for pancake day but I wanted to start on my special foods starting with these yuzu donuts dipped in white vegan and matcha chocolate .
I chose these colours as they are significant for girls day .
White for purification
Green for health and
Pink for luck
I made the flowers out of marzipan and used beetroot to make the colour.