Happy Setsubun

Happy Setsubun ?

Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring,celebrated in Japan on February the 3rd.
It is custom to day to eat an uncut Makizushi called ( Eho-Maki ) facing the lucky direction for the year. This year is north north west.
This fat sushi roll must be eaten in silence while you make your wish for the year ahead.
The eho-maki must have seven ingredients to symbolise the seven lucky gods ( shichifukujin ) I chose tofu,romaine lettuce,yellow pepper,cucumber,butternut squash,Maitake and stem broccoli .
For this picture I was dying to cut it (which I did last year) but you are not supposed to cut the roll as this is supposed to cut off your luck,so hopefully my luck is better this year! So sorry about how untidy the ends look .
I hope everyone has a lucky year.