Facts About Setsubun

A few more facts about Setsubun
To day is the day that house holds banish out bad luck and bring in good luck by throwing soy beans normally at a family member wearing a devil mask . This custom is called Mamemaki.
They chant out with evil in with good fortune ( oniwa soto Futuwa uchi) the women some time wear the otafuku Lady Luck mask .
It is also a custom to eat as many soy beans as your age.
For a bit of fun instead of soybeans I chose some lovely sour beans by @yumearthuk . I don’t think I will be throwing them though or eating as many as my age (that would be to many lol)
These vegan beans are made with real fruit juice and even have vitamin C ! There are no nasty ingredients so are naturally delicious using fruit juice . They even use sustainable family farms.
No artificial dyes
Nut free
Real fruit extracts
100% natural flavours
Gluten free,soy free,dairy free,fat free.
I will post a picture of the bag on my stories and they do other sweets as well.