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Vegan Takoyaki

Tofu takoyaki balls with so-su sauce,vegan mayo and ao-nori.


To celebrate Kodomonohi (children’s day) in Japan I decided to make a vegan takoyaki.
Takoyaki are normally fried octopus balls topped with so-su ( which is like a thick Worcestershire sauce) Mayo and ao-nori and some times bonito flakes . No fishyness here though ?? .
I made them with tofu and okara (which is soy pulp made into a flour)

chopped shallot,green onion,celery and cooked artichoke from a tin mix them into the a block of tofu that had already been mashed add a squeeze of lemon juice and mix in .  Then add a type of old bay seasoning . I can’t get this in the UK so I made a mixture by adding a pinch of each of celery salt,black pepper,smoked paprika,mustard powder,nutmeg,cinnamon,clove,
ginger,cardamom,allspice and bay.

Next start to add your okara ( soy pulp flour) until it starts to form a dough that you can shape.

then roll the mixture into balls and then roll the balls in chickpea flour. I started them off cooking in the oven and just finished them by pan frying in a little coconut oil .
The so-su was made with a tablespoon of vegan organic Worcestershire sauce,a dash of each of tomato puree,mirin,Dijon and onion powder . If you need to thicken just make a slurry out of kuzu and water or potato starch.
Topped off with vegan Mayo and ao-nori.