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Hiyayakko ( chilled tofu )

A summer time appetiser in Japan is Hiyayakko.  Chilled tofu with various toppings . Hiya means cold and yakko means something cut into cubes.

Using silken tofu which has been drained of its liquid you can then cut it into pieces like I have and put various toppings on each or just have one larger piece .

Toppings you can use are chopped green onion ( spring onion) grated ginger and grated daikon ( it’s a good idea to get your self a Japanese ginger grater for these ) cucumber,pickled ginger, tomato,umeboshi,chives,sesame seeds,sweet corn, kimchi and hijiki .

Place your tofu in a shallow dish and pour around a little of your ponzu ( citrus sauce ) I use a tablespoon of tamari with a teaspoon each of mirin and yuzu juice .

Add your toppings and chill in the fridge .