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Simple matcha tofu cake

Have you ever thought of using silken tofu to make a cake batter ?

this cake is so simple to make with just a few ingredients.

You will need one carton of silken tofu ( I use organic Clearspring )

oat flour ( I use bobs Red Mill gluten free )

1 -2 tablespoons sweetener ( maple syrup or rice syrup )

1 tablespoon sifted matcha

1 teaspoon baking powder ( I use Doves Farm )

sweet Japanese black beans ( if you cannot get these or want to add something else like walnuts or cranberries then feel free )

Add to a food processor all the ingredients except the flour and process then start to add your flour gradually until you get a nice thick cake batter . At this point drop in your filling if any and fold in with a spatula or spoon .

emty the contents into a silicone cake tin (  I use a bread tin ) bake in a moderate oven until set and golden . Silicone is best as it doesn’t need oil or paper and doesn’t stick .

Allow  to cool before turning out and cutting into slices .