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Cold summer noodles With miso

A bed of cold noodles is a perfect meal to beat the hot humid heat in Japan’s summer . Weather you living in Japan or not if it’s a hot summers day this might be a good dish to try and make .

First make a sauce from simple miso and water just add a a heaped teaspoon of miso ( you can use any miso you like )
to a half a cup of not quite boiled water in a jug stir well making sure the miso is dissolved and put this in the fridge to chill . I like to make this in the morning and leave all  day.

Then make your noodles as instructions I used udon but you could use any noodles you like.  When cooked run them under cold water . Add them to a bowl and pour over some of your miso broth ( if you like add a few ice cubes to make it extra cold) .  Then add your topping I like to use cooling vegetables like cucumber and tomato maybe some sweetcorn and top with sliced avocado and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.


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Inari pouches

One of my favourite go to snacks in Japan is Inari pouches filled with seasoned rice and they make a great bento lunch to make at home .

Inari is named after the Shinto god of farming fertility success and prosperity.  When you visit a Inari shrine you will find lots of statues of foxes ( kitsune ) these are the spirits ( kami ) of the shrine and it is believed they are rather partial to these little fried pockets of stuffed tofu. People often take Inari as offerings to these shrines .

The easiest way to make these is to buy some already prepared seasoned Inari pockets ( I buy mine from the Japan centre in London ) but most Asian super markets have these or you can get them on line .

They come in two packets of 8 pieces and they are seasoned with mirin and soy sauce . When I get mine I like to take them out the packaging and rice them with water to get off any oil and then pat dry with kitchen paper .

prepare some Japanese rice in your rice cooker and when done add some sushi seasoning to the rice . ( I use one by Clearspring )

These ones I then mixed in some cooked sweetcorn but you can add what ever you like or just have toppings instead .

Part your pockets carefully and spoon in your rice . I then topped these ones with some simple watercress and a scatter of black sesame seeds.

Other topping ideas could be

shiitake , pickled ginger, avocado, hijiki , edamame, furikake

Its as simple as that . Have fun .


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Sushi Jar

Not got time to make sushi ?
Stick the contents in a jar .
This is my sushi jar perfect to take out to lunch .
Seasoned sushi rice and gomashio with :
Edamame,hijiki,peppers,avocado,pickled ginger,carrot,cucumber,radish and nori .

A really healthy simple meal for on the go .

simply make your sushi rice and layer in your chosen sushi accompaniments

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This spinach and sesame side dish makes a lovely chilled summer accompaniment to any meal .

I used Asian spinach it’s slightly different to the small leaf spinach you get in the UK .

First make your sauce I find the easiest method is to use already ground sesame seeds in a packet .

Take one tablespoon of ground sesame and mix with that a tablespoon of tamari or soy sauce a teaspoon of mirin and a teaspoon of unrefined sugar ( mix well ) This is the basic sauce but if you want to make it a little more citrus you could add 1/2 teaspoon of yuzu juice .

Cook your spinach in boiling salted water for 2 mins takes out and plunge into iced water .  Squeeze out the water from your spinach and lay out on a chopping board and chop into pieces . Place your chopped spinach into a bowl and add your sesame sauce and mix in . Again I like to make this a little different by either spicing up the spinach a bit with schichimi powder or adding even more citrus with some sansho pepper.

Chill in the fridge .


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Sushi Donuts

Apparently sushi donuts are the in thing at the moment .
Not sure about in Japan though.
Has anyone in Japan seen sushi donuts ?
Anyway instead of onigiri why not make these instead?
I like to take sections with my chopsticks and put bite size pieces into these delicious organic toasted nori crispies by @clearspringuk .
Great for bento ?

They are super easy to make if you have a donut pan

just cut some plastic wrap and and place it over one of your donut shapes start to fill it with rice and press down making your donut shape turn out and you have a perfect donut ready for decoration .

top avocado,sushi ginger,sesame seeds,chives and cucumber .

these are also nice with nori you can hold them with the nori like you would an onigiri .