Roasted Kabocha

To night roasted kabocha with a crispy coating and rice also a nice big salad with a miso yuzu dressing.
With that was a delicious and filling yudofu . I think this soup is one of the best ways to appreciate the delicate flavour of tofu. This dish is a shojin ryori Buddhist monk style of cuisine. Often you can have this meal in temple restaurants in Kyoto .
Yudofu means hot water tofu I added some komatsuna for extra flavour and a small amount of miso in the broth . It’s mostly traditional to just use a simple kombu dashi maybe with a little soy sauce . You can also add a sprinkle of sesame seeds or green onion . I added some chopped chives . I forgot how good this was . For dessert was a small piece of peach Melba cake and fruit.

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Mochi Cheese On Toast

To night is no cheese on toast (mochi cheese) placed under the grill . I had this with left over vegetable tofu miso soup from yesterday, rice,pickles and salad with a miso dressing . Grapes and strawberry. Hope everyone has a great day/evening . 餅ビーガンチーズとトースト 野菜と豆腐と味噌汁 ごはん サラダと味噌ドレッシング 漬物 イチゴとブドウ

want to make mochi cheese ? 

Add one mochi rice cake ( dried mochi block ) to a shallow bowl and almost cover with soy milk  

microwave for 30 seconds ( take out and mash with a fork )

add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric 

put back in the microwave for another 30 seconds the mochi with rice and go gooey and sticky . Keep mashing with a fork .

then add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast and a teaspoon of white miso ( this will give you your cheese  flavour .

add a touch more milk if needed and microwave again for 15 sec 

now it’s ready for your toast then place under the grill to brown .

this can also be used for lots of things like pizza for instance 



Sakura Mochi

It’s Hanami season !
In Japan it is traditional at this time to make Sakura mochi .
Sweet sticky mochi rice with a bean paste filling wrapped In pickled Sakura leaves and topped with a Sakura flower .
The last ones I made I had to make some marzipan leaves as I didn’t have the pickled Sakura ones but I was lucky enough to be sent some by my good friend @violet_1223 so I decided to make some more .
自家製さくら餅 ???


Udon Hot Pot

A lovely udon hot pot to night in a miso broth with vegetables and tofu . Also a few onigiri with hijiki.



Asparagus Sushi Rolls

Spring time asparagus sushi rolls with ponzu dipping sauce to day for lunch . A yuzu green tea and azuki bean chocolate brownie with matcha .


Bamboo Nigiri-Zushi

To night I was again inspired by @norecipes to make this bamboo nigiri-zushi (seasoned rice with toppings)
I like these already cooked bamboo shoots but they don’t come in a can with lots of nasty preservatives . They are boiled and vacuum sealed . You can get them at @japancentre if you live in the U.K. . I was lucky enough to be sent some also from Japan .
I love bamboo shoots in the spring time.


Ayurvedic Plates

I wanted to create something similar to the Ayurvedic plates that @earth_peace has been sharing on her account from @trueberry_jp
This was a lot of work believe it or not making all these individual dishes I wanted to make it have a Japanese feel to it as well so I made as follows .
Starting in the middle with a Japanese sweet potato coconut curry with vegan tofu paneer.
Then salad with a mango lime dressing.
Next to that is a beetroot chutney and a Japanese spinach and sesame dish called goma-ae .
Next to that is a lentil dhal and some spicy roast chickpeas.
Then a cooling cucumber and soy yogurt raita.
A simple kabocha pumpkin soup and tofu flat bread and Japanese rice in the centre.


Onigiri Rice Balls

It’s a beautiful morning although quite windy but I really felt spring was just around the corner to day.
The blossoms are starting to come out on the trees and all the bulbs are flowering . Daffodils dancing in the breeze.
I went for onigiri rice balls for lunch to day with different toppings . Yuba I brought back from nishiki market in Kyoto,edamame and schichimi,finely sliced tomato and daikon leaf with hijiki . With a umeboshi.
Have a wonderful day/evening everyone.

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Taco Rice (Takoraisu)

Japanese/Mexican fusion Taco rice (takoraisu) A dish from Okinawa normally consisting of taco flavoured ground beef on a bed of rice with shredded lettuce tomato and cheese. It owes its existence to the military presence in Okinawa in the 1960’s. Now days it’s a firm Japanese favourite. I made this dish vegan by using @clearspringuk gluten free organic soy mince with chilli powder and tamari. I topped Japanese sticky rice with the mince and added mochi cheese and placed it under the grill. I then added salsa and coriander. I served this with a salad and miso dressing . ビーガン タコライス

To make taco rice 

add about one cup of dried soy mince to hot water and let soak for ten min.

finely chop half an onion and a few mushrooms of choice and sauté in a little coconut oil then add your soy mince . Add 1/2 teaspoon of chill powder and 1 tablespoon of tamari ( gluten free ) or soy sauce .

make some Japanese rice in your rice cooker and keep on warm 

make some mochi cheese ( see cheese on toast recipe ) or you can just use grated vegan cheese .

Shred some ice berg lettuce and make a simple salsa from

1 chopped tomato 

finely diced ( the other half of the onion) 

a little chopped green chilli and a squeeze of lime .

build your taco rice 

people build their taco rice in different ways this one was 

rice , shredded lettuce , mince,cheese ( you can then melt your cheese under the grill before adding your salsa. Then maybe top with a slice of tomato . 

You can also add a drizzle of vegan Mayo over your lettuce as your building your taco rice .

other people may put the cheese on the rice then mince then lettuce 

or mince lettuce cheese.

you decide .

serve with salad and maybe guacamole and some corn tortilla chips 




Temari Sushi

My final meal for Hinamatsuri ?
To day in Japan is the girls day festival and I made Temari sushi .
These decorated sushi balls take their name from the Temari balls that children used to play with.
Temari means hand ball.
They are beautiful embroidered balls that to day are mainly just used for decoration.
With my sushi balls I made a suimono ( sipping soup ) a clear soup with some beautiful yaki fu .
Also a few Japanese sugar candy konpeito .
Happy Hinamatsuri ???? 手まり寿司
コンペイトー (金平糖)


Chirashi Zushi

To night is a traditional meal for Hina-matsuri
Chirashi Zushi ( scattered sushi )
Seasoned sushi rice with seasonal toppings .
As Hina-matsuri is also known as dolls day I put one of my kokeshi in this photo that was sent to me from @tohokukokeshi if you get chance to read her book it’s very interesting.
Also a big thank you to @malamala for the beautiful Hina-matsuri cloth ???
Happy Hina- Matsuri Japan


Sakura Mochi

It is almost Hina-matsuri in Japan .
On March the 3rd it is the girls day festival in Japan .
One of the traditional foods to eat is Sakura mochi . Mochi rice cakes filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf.
Unfortunately I do not have pickled cherry leaves so I made the Sakura mochi Kansai style with sweet mochi rice filled it with lovely sweet Tsubu-an (chunky bean paste) and then made matcha marzipan cherry leaves . To make the pink rice I just used a little beet juice .
They turned out really good lovely to have with a matcha tea.


Miso Soup & My Bento

Oh my goodness I nearly got blown away this morning the wind is quite scary .
Warming up with a miso soup and my bento .
I made onigiri and I had some of those sweet potato okara balls from last nights dinner left over so put in a few of those along with a grilled shiitake and mochi cheese,salad and fruit.