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Kenchinjiru is a hearty warming soup which originates from the Kencho-ji temple in Kamakura. This is my version of this Shojin Ryori Zen Buddhist dish. Full of root vegetables and crumbled tofu in a kombu,shiitake,tamari and miso broth. Soak one…

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Nasu Dengaku

A popular summer dish in Japan is Nasu-dengaku eggplant with a miso glaze. Eggplant dishes in summer are popular all round . Traditionally using Hatcho miso from Nagoya it’s a very simple dish to make. You can either slice your…

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Spring green soup

Spring greens soup An easy filling soup using spring green vegetables miso and soy milk Ingredients A selection of green vegetables equal amounts . I used broccoli, courgette ( zucchini ) edamame Komatsuna Japanese mustard spinach ( you could use…

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