Ginger Flower Cookies

In Japan before Sakura comes the plum blossom (ume)
People in Japan highly value this blossom and this weekend at
Kitano Tenmangu shrine they have their plum blossom festival with over 2000 plum trees what a wonderful site . This is called Ume Matsuri and they hold out door tea ceremonies .
To celebrate in my own way I made some ginger flower cookies ( kind of plum blossom shaped )
I dipped them in chocolate and coated them with chopped pistachio. Enjoying one with a matcha latte.
If you are lucky enough to visit Kyoto for plum blossom season there are other places like the Kyoto imperial palace and Nijo castle that are also worth a visit .
Happy plum blossom viewing .


Matcha & Chocolate Donuts

Rainy Sunday’s are for baking.
I made matcha and chocolate donuts ?
I put matcha in the donuts and also sprinkled the tops with matcha ?
Who’s coming round for tea time ?



The weather here is Horrible to day high winds and rain ☔️ I made zenzai using @bionaorganic azuki beans .
I cooked them down in water and instead of using loads of sugar I used @clearspringuk rice malt syrup . I topped my zenzai with a grilled mochi rice cake and a dusting of kinako . I also had a matcha and to go with the sweetness of the zenzai you normally have something like pickles so I had an umeboshi plum . Sure wakens up the senses but it’s also really good for digestion .



Bento Lunch

This is my bento lunch to day .
Inari zushi seasoned rice with perilla (red shiso) and topped with furikake,umeboshi and daikon leaf.
I’m also having a treat some yatsuhashi I brought back from Kyoto ( they freeze really well ) this means I could have anko yatsuhashi well after I came back.
I’m also having sencha in my little hand made tea cup I bought off an artist a few years ago on the philosophers path. All these things have treasured memories . Even my hashi case to day was bought in Kyoto . I’m missing Japan so much it helps to have these kinds of meals to help me feel closer some how .
ヤツハシ (八橋)


New Years Eve Stollen

Kicking off this New Year’s Eve with another stollen. This one was Japan inspired.
A moist matcha vegan cake with candied yuzu peel and chestnuts and matcha marzipan running through the whole cake.
It turned out so good.


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Chocolate Bean Brownie

How about some healthy chocolate bean brownies ?
These have a Japanese twist
I have often made black bean brownies and thought why not try to make some with azuki beans.
They turned out really delicious.
Dusted with matcha and topped with candied yuzu peel.
Have a wonderful Saturday.


Give these ago yourself all you need is a food processor

In your food processor add

1 can of drained and rinsed azuki beans

1/4 cup of rice syrup

4 tablespoons of melted coconut butter

now give this a pulse to combine

now add

1/2 cup of oats

2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

2 tablespoon of coconut palm sugar

a teaspoon of vanilla extract or powdered vanilla

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

a pinch of Himalayan pink salt

now give it some more pulses and then make sure everything is combined .

now stir in some chocolate chips ( about 1/2 cup ) and turn the mixture out into a baking pan lined with parchment paper.

Bake in a moderate oven until the top is nice and crispy

leave to cool and cut into squares and dust with matcha ( if you wish )

These  make a delicious chocolate brownie treat .

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Simple matcha tofu cake

Have you ever thought of using silken tofu to make a cake batter ?

this cake is so simple to make with just a few ingredients.

You will need one carton of silken tofu ( I use organic Clearspring )

oat flour ( I use bobs Red Mill gluten free )

1 -2 tablespoons sweetener ( maple syrup or rice syrup )

1 tablespoon sifted matcha

1 teaspoon baking powder ( I use Doves Farm )

sweet Japanese black beans ( if you cannot get these or want to add something else like walnuts or cranberries then feel free )

Add to a food processor all the ingredients except the flour and process then start to add your flour gradually until you get a nice thick cake batter . At this point drop in your filling if any and fold in with a spatula or spoon .

emty the contents into a silicone cake tin (  I use a bread tin ) bake in a moderate oven until set and golden . Silicone is best as it doesn’t need oil or paper and doesn’t stick .

Allow  to cool before turning out and cutting into slices .