Micro season Part 3 啓蟄 Keichitsu (Insects awaken)

Japanese micro season part 14

啓蟄 Keichitsu (Insects awaken)

March 6–10 蟄虫啓戸 Sugomori mushito o hiraku Hibernating insects surface

March 11–15 桃始笑 Momo hajimete saku First peach blossoms

March 16–20 菜虫化蝶 Namushi chō to naru Caterpillars become butterflies

Before the Spring Equinox we have this micro season. Insects and animals start to feel the first warmth of spring and slowly start to move around awakening from their winter slumber. It is a time of change and new life emerging. Buds start to swell and shoots start to poke through the thawing soil.
In this micro season on March 14th is White Day in Japan. February the 14th is Valentine’s Day and on that day girls give gifts to guys. This can be friends, teachers, work colleagues, as well as that special someone. White day is the day the guys return the gifts. This can be in the form of white flowers or cookies, white chocolate or items in white wrapping. Home made gifts are extra thoughtful it shows people have taken the care and time to source ingredients and prepare and wrap a gift. Why not make my white day Sakura cookies or tofu yuzu donuts the recipes are on this website.

Or make white heart shaped chocolates sprinkled with petals.

I also think wrapping a gift in a beautiful cloth would be extra special.

You can find some lovely hand made ones at nugoo jp ( Japanese site) and nugoojapan.com ( English site) the link to their website is at the bottom or at the side of these pages depending on your browser and they ship internationally.

They  sell other items like tea, scarves, purses and umbrellas.

They also sell gorgeous wagashi ( so pretty you won’t want to eat them but these would make a wonderful gift for white day ).