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Ichigo Daifuku

Good morning . ????? I made soft ichigo daifuku Strawberry Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) いちご大福 Daifuku is a traditional Japanese wagashi . This one is mochi with anko (sweet red bean paste) and strawberry filling. There are many varieties of Daifuku, but it’s the same soft mochi with different fillings . During the spring time, Japanese confectionery shops sells a seasonal daifuku. This one always reminds me of the Sakura season I spent in Kyoto and visiting the beautiful shrines and temples. I’m not very experienced at making these but they taste delicious with a delicate green tea. If only I could be there this spring . My life is kind of in turmoil at the moment and my future very uncertain I need some calm before the storm so things like these help me some how to bring back wonderful memories of past travels to Japan. Daifuku actually means ( great luck) that’s something I definitely need at the moment.

To make these delicious treats you will need 

40g of shiratama rice flour

60ml water 

3 small strawberries

red bean paste 

10g of unrefined caster sugar 

potato starch ( I like to use one from Hokkaido) ( Toyo potato starch powder ) 

you will need a plastic microwaveable bowl plastic spatula plastic wrap and a good clean open work service ( it can get a bit messy ) 

First get a ball of red bean paste in plastic wrap and flatten it out . Put a strawberry in the middle and cover the strawberry with red bean paste . Do this to all three strawberries .

Thenmix flour and water in your bowl and add the sugar and mix well.

cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 mins

uncover and mix well 

cover and microwave again for a further one min .

cover your service in potato starch and your hands 

knead potato starch to make your mochi keep adding potato starch I like to keep a bowl to hand with some in ready . Then when it’s nice and stretchy make three balls . 

Then flatten each ball and mould  the mochi around your already read bean paste covered strawberries .

they are ready .

slice with a sharp knife and enjoy like this one with a green tea.